The Idea

Establish, restore and protect Pleasure House Point for public access as open space, an environmental learning and research center.

  • Model of sustainable facility
  • Wildlife refuge & rehab center
  • Educational & research center
  • Part of the Lynnhaven River Blueway
  • Consortium of public & private entities
  • Central core for features unique to the Chesapeake Bay
  • Leader in educational programs for disabled children & adults

Expanded idea:
A collaborative, virtual foundation dedicated to saving Pleasure House Point[PHP].

Imagine Pleasure House Point being used for an internationally recognized research/teaching facility that would compliment the hard work of our local educational institutions including TCC, ODU, NSU, VT, VBC, VWC, WHRO, Public School Systems, CHCS, etc.

It could even include a unique eco-tourism opportunity at the Beach. Local Seniors beginning their second/third careers could be included to provide guidance, wisdom & leadership skills.

An incomparable Foundation whose purpose is to provide educational opportunities while returning the property to it’s original state, definition to be determined, that could study:
Computer Sciences
Database Creation
Environmental Sciences
The Arts
Social Sciences
Leadership Skills
Simulation Technologies
Gaming Software Creation
Film Making
"___________" [What do you think?]

...based on the activities & results of working toward the long term goal of restoration & everything involved in creating the foundation it would take to preserve it.

Funding sources come from creation of a Wetlands Mitigation Bank, licensed research, sponsorships, various foundations, educational institutions, various levels of membership, fees/donations for use of the property, tax incentives and other funding sources as they are negotiated and determined to fit with the goals of the umbrella operational foundation.

A small footprint, off the grid, high tech facility could provide flex-offices for local environmental organizations including classrooms with 21st Century high speed wireless internet access.

This could all be accomplished by students working with the guidance of the best facilitators from around the area.

For-Profit/Non-Profit Foundation operating facility could garner at least national attention.

City of Virginia Beach could garner at least national attention in marketing the facility to tourists, educators, & business.

Lynnhaven River would gain much needed open space & in particular, wetlands, to continue to help it come back.

Lynnhaven River Now, as example, could illustrate appropriate plantings around wetlands. Helping residents of the Lynnhaven & other tidal areas plant the right plants for the right place.

Wildlife & in particular, birds, would get much needed habitat protection.

Eco-tourism opportunities expanded due to the preservation of birds & wildlife in the Lynnhaven.

Real estate tax revenue appreciation due to the additional needed open space in the Bayfront area.

Real estate tax revenue appreciation due to the much improved health of the Lynnhaven.

Savings from City not having to invest in more infrastructure due to the building of 1,100 additional housing units.

Free press for the City & Foundation about the facility, it's unique goal of restoring 100% of Pleasure House Point to wetlands, & it's educational/research function.

Spin off green technology business that compliments research facility & local community.

Leveraging the opportunity that replacing the Lesner Bridge creates. Embracing green technologies through the design, construction & completion of new bridge coupled with The Center at PHP would create a critical mass of green hi-tech careers, education & research opportunities.